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The Parish Council advises the Pastor regarding present operations and future goals of the Parish. Each St. Elizabeth Ann Seton committee and ministry meets with a Parish Council liaison to ensure that its activities further the goals of the Parish as a whole. The council members oversee every aspect of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, from liturgy to community evangelism, to construction of the education center and church.

Mission Statement: The Parish Council is the representative body that helps develop and support the Pastoral vision to unify and serve the Parish family in Christ.

Objectives: Are described in the Parish areas of Pastoral Service: Since the Parish Council is to assist the Pastor to reach out in service to the parishioners, the areas of parish life that are its special concerns are explained in the Mission Statements of the established Committees.

A. To promote the spiritual formation and growth of the Parish through liturgical celebrations and activities; Liturgy Committee.

B. To encourage education and formation of adults and youth in the Faith; Christian Education for Youth.

C. To foster and nurture a sense of community in the Parish through a commitment to maintain a strong Family network.

D. To channel resources of parish by coordinating and supporting individual ministries in order to fulfill corporal and spiritual works of mercy; Community Service and Outreach Committee.

E. To be responsible with the Pastor to ensure future Parish growth and development.

F. To review, evaluate and make recommendations to the Pastor and direct the Parish Council concerning the fiscal operation of the Parish; Finance Council.

G. To provide for communication and cooperation among parish members and organizations.

H. To provide for the needs of the Parish through technical support for the rectory communications infrastructure, including hardware and software. In addition, to participate in the planning and preparation for the new facility from a technology needs point of view.

I. To participate in and cooperate with regional and archdiocesan decisions pertaining to Parish life; Parish Council.

J. Welcoming new parishioners; Hospitality Committee.Parish Council member's responsibilities include the following:

1. To assist in accomplishing the overall goals of the Parish Council as stated above.

2. To represent and reflect the opinions and perspectives of the parishioners at large in all Parish Council activities.

3. To serve as liaison for the Parish Council with one or more committees and represent the concerns and interests of the committees in all Parish Council activities

* Meets monthly

* Consists of twelve to fifteen members, each serving a three-year term

Parish Council Members:Registered parishioners interested in volunteering should indicate their interest on the annual Time, Talent and Treasure form. This information will be kept on file, and council members will contact you when new members are added.



Promise to Protect, Pledge to HEAL

Background Screening, Virtus Training, & resources to keep children, young people, and vulnerable adults safe.